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Suzhou Cowin Antenna Electronics Co., Ltd.

Cowin Antenna is a global provider of antenna solutions with our network covering the automotive, marine, telematics, automation and M2M markets. With 16 years of extensive R&D experience in the field, we have a reputation for engineering excellence and self-sufficiency, which allows us to provide rapid custom antenna solutions that complement our wide range of off-the-shelf antennas. We use a host of modern engineering tools, from network analyzers and anechoic chambers, to simulation software and 3D printers. These tools help reduce design time and enable us to respond to our customers' needs in a timely and efficient manner.



No.156, Gangpuzhong Road, Zhangpu Town, Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, China 215321


+86-0512 5738 2973
+86-151 7002 9473


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